The Inverter Store: Maintaining, Recycling Deep-Cycle Batteries

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Deep-cycle batteries are expensive and the lifeblood of any off-grid or renewable energy system, so taking care of them should be a top priority. Maximizing a battery bank’s lifespan will save money, but it can’t last forever, so being aware of the proper recycling procedures is also important.

AIMS Power Deep Cycle Battery

Battery corrosion.

Even when using a “duty-” or “maintenance-free” battery, proper care still needs to be taken.

Let’s look at these three simple steps to battery-bank bliss: Continue reading

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Winterize: Save Money & Reduce Headaches at

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WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY: use an inverter and battery bank as an emergency backup power system to prevent pipes from freezing over during prolonged snow/ice storms that cause power outages.
Get DC-to-AC inverters from 75 to 12,000 watts, deep-cycle batteries and everything else needed for emergency backup power systems at

Winter weather warnings have begun to pop up across the entire U.S., signaling that winter is upon us, and there’s no better time to be pragmatic about winterizing your home.

Winterize w/ AIMS Power Inverters

Hurry home to get that puppy winterized! Or else this cold front could be costly!

One of our customers, Dennis Evers, 59, who was once featured on National Geographic’s popular TV show “Doomsday Preppers”, says he’s seen the consequences of failing to winterize your home first hand.

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Gear-up for hunting season w/ off-grid power from The Inverter Store

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There are only so many hours during the day that you can hunt, and that leaves a large hole of time to fill.

Someone who drew a deer hunting tag called in to The Inverter Store yesterday, and said he was looking to put together an off-grid system to power some lights, a coffee pot and possibly a TV to help pass the downtime during his next hunting trip.

Hunting is a joy, but there's always some downtime to be filled. can help. Photo by: "Lord Mountbatten"

He called the right place, and I set him up with a 2500 watt AIMS Power inverter (PWRINV250012v) that can handle all those appliances with some wiggle room if needed.

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AIMS Power Inverter Reviews by customers

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Why does only distribute AIMS Power inverters and no other inverter brand? Because raving AIMS Power inverter reviews by our customers are impossible to ignore.

We received an influx of people praising their AIMS Power inverters for continued reliability after our most recent email newsletter.

We thought we’d share a bunch of the responses:

“Eric, about two and a half years ago I purchased an AIMS Inverter 5000 watt. It was on sale for about the same price as a 3000 watt. That was the best decision I ever made. I’ve used it in an 18 wheeler Volvo and this thing has never broken a sweat. We operate a microwave, a 19 in. T. V. , an in-motion satellite, a satellite receiver, and phone chargers, computers ,coffee pot ,hot plate. Never any trouble. I would recommend it to everyone.”

— Lawrence Miller


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AIMS Power Inverters for Aquarium Backup Power

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Any serious aquarium owner knows that backup electricity is essential to maintaining an underwater ecosystem.

Yes, it may need to be a “perfect storm” of sorts for a power outage to actually have an effect on your tank, but it happens more often than you’d think.  So it’s best to be prepared for the worst.

Enter: — a one-stop shop for emergency backup, off-grid and mobile power solutions.

We size power systems for fish tanks almost every day and have heard horror stories from those who put it off!

Many learned about the importance of backup electricity the hard way last year when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the United States.

The event left more than 8 million people without power for weeks, and it’s likely that many fish fell in harm’s way because of it.

Just the other day I got a call from a fellow, Eric Cain, who was purchasing a backup power system for his aquaculture (aquafarming) setup, and he spared no expense, purchasing eight deep-cycle batteries (so that he could take advantage of our free shipping deal on the purchase of eight batteries or more), two 230 watt solar panels, a 6000 watt low frequency AIMS Power inverter charger, a 40 amp MPPT AIMS Power solar charge controller and cables to connect it all.

The total he spent – more than $5,000 – is a testament to the attachment one builds to a submerged sanctuary, and this fish aficionado wanted to make certain that he made every precaution necessary to preserve his hard work.

It would be a shame to see all those hours spent on maintaining the fish tank’s perfect equilibrium go to waste, not to mention the amount of money spent.

A power outage caused by an earthquake, hurricane, or any event could mean the end of your aquarium if the electricity is knocked out long enough.

“I just don’t want to be put in a situation like that,” Cain said. “The tank has to be self-sufficient because power can go out for a week at a time where I am (Millville, New Jersey).”

He’s making certain that the 100 blue tilapia in his tank are taken care of properly.

Cain says that he hopes he won’t have to use his aquarium backup power system much for emergencies, but believes he’ll find plenty of other applications in the meantime.

“I also weld so I plan on getting some more use out of the system that way,” Cain said.

The logic spawns from the fact that the system is easily installed and uninstalled, making it simple to use it for multiple applications at different times.

If you need help sizing a backup power system for your fish tank, please give us a call at 775-851-4100 — we’ll be happy to help out!

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AIMS Power Inverter Charger Review by Founder of Freedom Kegerator

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Las Vegas (PRWEB) August 30, 2013

With help from, the AIMS Power Inverter Charger & Freedom Kegerator Make Cold Beer Mobile

The Freedom Kegerator

The Freedom Kegerator, mobile beer on-tap.

The Freedom Kegerator, running on an AIMS Power inverter charger, brings mobile beer dispensing to the masses, providing more beer in more places this summer.

It took a 2000 watt AIMS Power inverter charger, a couple deep-cycle batteries, an idea, and nearly five years of preparation to make the Freedom Kegerator a reality.

But since its debut this year, the mobile beer dispensing system has become a million dollar product bringing fresh pints to parched patrons across the globe.

You might see the Freedom Kegerator at a Dallas Cowboys game in the $1.2 billion AT&T Stadium, at a Lakers game in the Staples Center, at amusement parks like Six Flags or even art and music festivals like Burning Man.

“It increases profit margin, because it turns a traffic area into a revenue stream,” inventor of the Freedom Kegerator Mark Johnson said. “Customers coming into a football game, for instance, can get a beer with their program, then once that traffic area slows down, you can cart that unit right to a new location and set up.

“You’re just unplugged and not anchored by AC power.”

The backbone of the system Johnson uses to achieve 10 hours of mobile beer-tapping power is a DC to AC inverter, which transforms direct current power from a battery bank into alternating current electricity that’s used to chill and pour your beer.

He says choosing the right inverter was one of the most important stages of developing the product.

“I ran into a snag, because the inverter charging systems out there couldn’t do the job, but I happened to find and this 2000 watt AIMS Power inverter charger,” Johnson said. “I looked at other inverters, but they just weren’t equipped to do what I wanted, and if they were, then they were some astronomical price.

“The Inverter Store got me a great price, a great product and they went the extra mile in terms of customer service by helping me size my system.”

Read the full release >>

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New AIMS Power inverter great for compact mobile electricity

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AIMS Power’s new 400 watt inverter is built for those who need electricity on-the-go from cars, at satellite locations & wherever work or life takes them.

This new, reliable, cost-friendly inverter is a must-have item for any serious traveler, mobile business owner or savvy consumer.

You won’t find a specialty inverter like this at Wal-Mart.

Continue reading

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Princeton’s ‘Power in a Box’ Relies on AIMS Power Inverter, Goes to Bermuda

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San Francisco, California — July 22, 2013

An AIMS Power inverter — the only brand available at — runs Princeton’s ‘Power in a Box’ – a humanitarian effort by the university’s Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program – to help Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) this summer.

Princeton 'Power in a Box'

Princeton University students deploying the 40-foot, retractable wind turbine from their 'Power in a Box' -- The system uses a 5000 watt AIMS Power inverter -- Image by Frank Wojciechowski, courtesy of Princeton University

A renewable energy system is only as strong as the power inverter it uses.

Read more at (PRWEB)

Share Button Unveils State-Of-The-Art 8Kw Power Inverter

Share Button launches a new power inverter to help humanity continue its current trend — shifting toward use of renewable energy resources and achieving independence from big oil.

A new 8000 watt power inverter offered by can provide electricity on the road, in the field, at a campsite, house, or anywhere else off-the-grid this summer takes you.

The main qualities that separate this 8kw inverter model from the competition are its size (half that of the previous model) and weight (21 pounds as opposed to 42) combined with the fact that the price isn’t increasing, according to general manager of, Michael Shepherd.

New, improved 8000 watt AIMS Power inverter available now at

Click to read: more about the new 8000 watt power inverter on PR Web.

Share Button Launches Exclusive Line of Solar Generators for Emergency Preparedness and Backup Power

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Solar Generators have the capacity, mobility & reliability needed for emergency backup & off-grid electricity at work or home this storm season.

The new 2500 watt solar generator by AIMS Power comes fully-connected as an all-in-one power system, and it’s assembled in America to be a solution for emergency backup power and sustainable living.

Available exclusively at

For more: Read the full press release here.

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