AIMS Power Inverter Reviews by customers

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Why does only distribute AIMS Power inverters and no other inverter brand? Because raving AIMS Power inverter reviews by our customers are impossible to ignore.

We received an influx of people praising their AIMS Power inverters for continued reliability after our most recent email newsletter.

We thought we’d share a bunch of the responses:

“Eric, about two and a half years ago I purchased an AIMS Inverter 5000 watt. It was on sale for about the same price as a 3000 watt. That was the best decision I ever made. I’ve used it in an 18 wheeler Volvo and this thing has never broken a sweat. We operate a microwave, a 19 in. T. V. , an in-motion satellite, a satellite receiver, and phone chargers, computers ,coffee pot ,hot plate. Never any trouble. I would recommend it to everyone.”

— Lawrence Miller


“I have five 12 volt marine batteries , I keep them charged up with my charger. They are connected to the AIMS 6000 watt inverter. I also have a back up 4000 watt inverter and a small 800 watt inverter . The power goes out up here in the mountains a lot when it storms, so we plug in the water pump, fridge, freezer, TV, and lights into it to get by for a day or a night. Can run some things for a few days before the battery bank needs charging. We have a 5000 watt propane generator also for back up. I can also plug into my car’s 12 volt system and that will run the inverters as well.”

— Tony Hackett


“We have been using an Aims Power Inverter for over a year and are completely off the grid here in Maine. I couldn’t be happier with your inverter as it powers our whole house including our deep well pump, GE 21 Cubic foot Refrigerator, LG Washer and Dryer, and the 47” Smart TV.

We run a 20 battery bank at 24V of off-the-shelf Walmart deep-cycle batteries and nine 230 watt solar panels.

I find that I run the generator more to exercise it than to make needed power.Thanks,”

— Craig Starr


“Thanks for the info.
I’ve lived off-grid part time since ’93 and full-time since 2008
I have more electric devices than what I had on grid, but iam still learning.
I have installed the 2500 inverter I bought from you not too long ago, and it hasn’t given me any problems.
Yesterday I cut my grass with a Black & Decker 7.1 string trimmer
generated 346 amps from 60 amps (sic) of panels through two systems
inverted through one of your 1250 inverters.”

— William Bauman

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