AGM vs Gel Batteries: Introducing Our New Line Deka Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

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At we recently decided to make a change in our product line we now proudly carry the Deka line of deep cycle marine batteries. The Deka line of batteries, by East Penn Mfg Company are top quality and are made in the USA. We carry two types of deep cycle marine batteries from Deka. Gel Batteries and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Batteries.

These two battery types have many similarities. First, they are both designed as “maintenance free” batteries. Both Gel and AGM are sealed batteries, they are spill proof and can be operated in any position. Gel batteries and AGM Batteries are both lead acid batteries. Both types of batteries do have a break in period. Usually it takes about 10-15 charges for these deep cycle batteries to be able to take a full charge.



There are also many differences between these two types of deep cycle battery. Many resources on the web are covering this topic in much detail, I am going to do my best and keep this section simple. The first difference is in how each battery holds the electrolytes. The gel battery uses thixotropic gelled electrolytes and the AGM, uses electrolytes stored in absorbent glass mats. In cold weather the AGM battery will work better than the Gel battery in below freezing situations. This is because of the physical properties of the Gel battery. AGM Batteries are less expensive and lighter than Gel Batteries, which are heavier, but usually have more power in the same dimensional size battery.

Lets look at some applications for each type of battery. The Gel battery is better in applications that have a slow discharges and are in warmer temperatures. The AGM is a bit less touchy when it comes to temperature, you can operate the battery in warm or cold environments and get the performance you are looking for. Also AGM batteries can have a very low self-discharge rate, which means if the battery sits for a long time without being used it will hold its power. In solar or wind applications in which you are constantly charging and discharging your batteries I would recommend Gel batteries. In back up power type applications where the battery is not used constantly but is critical, I would recommend AGM battery. These batteries are perfect for this application. AGM batteries are an awesome choice for applications that require a short term high rate discharge. If you are running specialized electronics I also recommend an AGM battery. There are many variables that go into choosing the right batteries for your system, the best idea is to consult a professional before buying so you get the most out of your investment.

The applications in which the batteries are used most commonly is conjunction with a power inverter. Whether you are looking for a one battery to add to your vehicle power system or a bank of batteries to power your off-grid home. We are your one stop shop for power inverters and batteries.

We have a full line of AIMS power inverters and Deka deep cycle batteries available for you at If you have any further questions about power inverters, cables or batteries. Please give us a call @ 888-417-8673. offers excellent customer support and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. We have a wide selection of pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverters and our goal is to make sure our customers are purchasing the right equipment the first time around.

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3 thoughts on “AGM vs Gel Batteries: Introducing Our New Line Deka Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

  1. i have 6 deka pro master gc45g 145 min as my house bank on my 44 trawler, they need to be replaced. any suggestions to what to use as replacement.


    • Deka still carries this line and we are an approved reseller. Give us a call and we can give you a quotation.

  2. I have installesd a house battery system in my 38’sportfisher. (3) AGM 8D batteries. Now i need to install an inverter what do you recommend?

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